Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Spaceman Jax on Buncy Ad - by Curio & Co.

Spaceman Jax on Buncy fake soft drink ad from the 1960's appears on Spaceman Jax comic - Created by Curio & Co. Curio and co. www.curioandco.com - illustration and design by Cesare Asaro - comic book to debut at xdcc (San Diego Comic Con) 2014


Here's the official debut of Spaceman Jax and Buncy together.  This fake ad was planed for a the past two years, at the concept of joining the two brands together, the circumstance were never right to bring the idea to a visual form, but the Spaceman Jax comic book is a perfect vehicle for this.  It matches, not just the time period but also the spirit of what we intended to do with the product and Jax as a character.

As far as ideas goes, we tend to work months and year in advance, unfortunately we only have two hands and production can only move so fast.  We keep on hoping for little elves to come and do the work in the middle of the night, but that's yet to happen.  We keep on hoping.  And, yes we believe in eves, otherwise how would santa make all of those toys?

Curio & Co. will be debuting the Spaceman Jax comic at the San Diego Comic-Con 2014 at booth #2102