Friday, April 04, 2014

Spaceman Jax Comic Book by Curio & Co.

Spaceman Jax comic-book (action, adventure, comedy) - Through the Mantagon Minefield - Ringer Comics - Created by Curio & Co. Curio and Co. - Design and illustration by Cesare Asaro

Just added the comic book to the Curio & Co. Shop.  If you place your order now you will receive a discount on an early release copy shipping on September 1st, six weeks before the regular sales are due to ship (October 15).

There's an other way to get an even earlier copy of the book but that will require some foot work on your part, namely you'll have to make your way to the San Diego Comic-Con 2014 booth#2102 (July 23-27) and say hello to us in person, we'll be happy to sign the book for you.

We'd be happy to sign any of the the pre-order books as well, but please mention it in the note at check out time.  We don't break character on the site so unless you make it a point to tell us that you know who we really are… Curio & Co. will have the face the of Mr. Druthers as the CEO of the company.  An other option is to use our personal email address and place the order that way but if you have my personal email, give me a call I'm always happy to catch-up with friends.

Keep on checking back, there'll be sneak peak material that I'll post regularly until SDCC 2014.