Thursday, April 03, 2014

Double Scoop by Sunnington Morn - Created by Curio & Co.

Double Scoop - Sunnington Morn "Double the Fun at Breakfast" ice-cream cereal - created by Curio & Co. Curio and Co. www.curioandco. Design and illustration by Cesare Asaro

And, Ta Da!

Here is the fake ad as it will appear in the Spaceman Jax comic that we (Curio & Co.) will debut at Comic Con 2014.  It took a while to develop all the assets necessary to make the ad, from the logos to the cereal box and the character, and rendering the ice-cream and cereal.  I love doing these type of projects I always get to learn new things, and challenge my skills.  Rendering was never one of may strong points but I think I can hold a digital brush fairly now a days, Kirstie printed out the ad in black and white to check and rewrite the final copy, and it really looked as if it was a photograph of ice-cream cereal.  That was a good sign.