Friday, May 25, 2012

Curio & Co. - Bunchy - The Soft Drink

Curio and Co. Curio & Co. . - Bunchy - a soft drink - Design by Cesare Asaro

In the Curio & Co. universe, Bunchy is the soft drink of choice.

I'm presently working on an ad for this soft drink, as soon as it's done... I'll post it.  For the time being here is the logo I made for it.

Happy weekend.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe - The Black Diamond (Il Diamate Nero)

Curio and Co. Curio & Co.  - Roger Believe poster artwork - The Black Diamond (Il Diamante Nero) - Cesare Asaro

Back story on this piece would be: occasionally in Italy comic books/periodicals come with a little extra to bring in more customers.  So I figured that Roger Believe would've done the same thing, in this particular case one of the issues would've come with an additional poster, and what you see here would've been the art work for the poster. Well the art work as it stands today after it had been scanned.

Il Diamante Nero (The Black Diamond) - Would have been a special issue of the Roger Believe comic book series.

It took quite a bit of trying, but I finally did it,  this is the first pice in which I was able to get a convincible watercolor feel.  As always the work is digital.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe - Planed Voyage (Viaggio Organizato)

Curio and Co. Curio & Co.  - Roger Believe comic book cover - Planed Voyage (Viaggio Organizzato) - Cesare Asaro

Forgot to post this one yesterday...

Like all investigators that deal with normal and paranormal he has to deal with UFO's at one point or an other.  Viaggio Organizzato (Planed Voyage) is one of the Roger Believe adventures that takes him out of this world.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe - Secret Passage (Passaggio Segreto)

Curio and Co. Curio & Co. - Roger Believe comic book cover - Secret Passage (Passaggio Segreto) - Cesare Asaro

Number 5 illustration for the week.  Roger Believe's Secret Passage cover (Passaggio Segreto).  Where and who did he meet through this passage?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe - Passed Message (Messaggio Passato)

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe comic book cover - Messaggio Passato (Passed Message) - Cesare Asaro

Today's cover of Roger Believe - Messaggio Passato (Passed Message) see our hero dealing with a peculiar message, that just may give a bit more insight on how he got were he is...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe - First Flight (Primo Volo)

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe comic book cover Primo Volo (First Flight) - Cesare Asaro

Here's to day's cover of Roger Believe - Frist Flight (Primo Volo).  I keep on chucking and illustrating, and there'll be more to come.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe - L'invito Di Subconscio (Subconscious' Invitation)

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe comic book cover - L'invito di Subcoscio (Subconscious's invitation) - Cesare Asaro

Just off the Cintiq!  I can still smells the fresh pixels, here's Roger Believe - L'Invito Di Subconscio (Subcoscious' Invititation).

Roger Believe meets him self face to face; will he ever survive?  Tam Tam Tam.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe - Restauro Notturno (Restauration By Night)

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe comic book cover Restauro Notturno (Restoration by Night) - Cesare Asaro

I keep on chipping away at the amount of work I got to do, chip chip chip.  This Roger Believe cover Restauro Notturno (Restauration by Night) is just off the 'presses', well I should say it still smells of digital paint.  For those of you that don't know... I usually do my sketching on paper, getting the idea out of my head then I'll do the tightening up of the composition, inking, color, and aging digitally.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe - Viaggio Inaspettato (Unexpected Voyage)

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe comic book cover Viaggio Inaspettato (Unexpected Voyage) - Cesare Asaro

The new cover for the day for Roger Believe.  More to come...

Been looking at Howard Chaykin's work for visual solutions, darn that man is good!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe - Serate di Nozze (Wedding Nights)

Curio & Co.'s Roger Believe comic book cover - Serate di Nozze (Wedding Nights) - Cesare Asaro

New cover, for the day, for Roger Believe - Serate di Nozze (Wedding Nights).

This past Saturday I did a series of sketches for the covers, the ideas just keep on coming.  Nothing wrong with that! So, untill they keep on coming I'll keep on drawing.

Gadabout Reviewed in McSweeney's - The Believer

McSweeney's The Believer - review of Curio & Co.'s Gadabout TM 1050

Curio & Co. just received some really exiting news.

When we presented the Gadabout TM 1050 at the Comic-Con last year, we kept hearing about the Time Travel Mart and how we should get in contact with them since the book would be a great fit for their shop.  So, we did, and it was. The book was picked up and we had the opportunity to visit the shop and we laughed our pants off when we were in the store.  They have some really fun stuff.  If you haven't been it's worth a trip.

As we did some research we found out that the Time Travel Mart is the shop for 826 LA (a non profit writing and tutoring center) which is connected to the McSweeney's.  Needless to say it was a great pat on the back.

A couple of weeks back we were contacted by The Believer magazine. They said "Congratulations on the incredibly well-deserved positive buzz surrounding the Gadabout TM 1050 User's Manual!" and wanted to know more about the project as they were hoping to write a review on it.

Yesterday we heard back from him and… the June issue of  McSweeney's Believer Magazine will have a review of the Gadabout.

We are really, really exited and honored to have the chance to be reviewed by a magazine whose readers' interests are so closely related to ours.

Can't wait to have the issue in my hands.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Curio & Co. Roger Believe - Festa in Costume (Costume Party)

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe comic book cover - Festa in Costume (Costume Party) - Cesare Asaro

Just finished, and off the Cintiq, the new cover for Roger Believe - Festa In Costume (Costume Party), as always I've signed it as Scafagna '86, the artist that would've been in charge of doing the covers. '86, as I've mentioned in previous posts the whole idea of this project is to give the idea that this was an 80's comic book from italy.

Once again the cover, just like the all of the new material I'm generating will join the Curio & Co. family in June.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe - Benessere (Well Being)

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe comic-book cover for Benessere (Well Being) - Cesare Asaro

Here is an other of the covers for Curio & Co.'s Roger Believe this one titled Benessere (Well Being), just out pured out of me in 5 hrs worth of work.  It helps having an idea that has been cooking in your head for a while.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe - Memoria Ingrata (Ungrateful Memory)

Curio & Co. - Roger Believe (comic book COver) - Memoria Ingrata - Cesare Asaro

I just finished an other Cover for Roger Believe; I'll most likely do some touch ups before it goes on the Curio & Co. site but for the most part it's done.

Memoria Ingrata - Ungrateful Memory

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Neptune Nibbles by Oberpfaffendorfer, to be a new old at Curio & Co.

Curio and Co. Curio & Co.  - Oberpfaffendorfer -  Neptune Nibbles - fishsticks - Cesare Asaro

I'm happy to announce that Curio & Co. is introducing a new brand in its family; Oberpfaffendorfer.  It's logos was finalized last week, along with the Roger Believe and an other one that I will soon preview.  If Oberpfaffendorfer, would've really existed this would be they would've used in 1912 to sell their Neptune Nibbles fishsticks.

As I'm working on these posters I'll keep on posting them, but they'll roll in the Curio & Co. site by June.