Saturday, January 10, 2015

Curio & Co. Reviewed on Go Comics - by RC Harvey

Go Comics Rants & Raves by RC Harvey reviews Curio & Co. (

Here's a little bit of nice news.  We got a Curio & Co. review, an other great review from RC Harvey! And, we got it posted on December 26, 2014 what a great Christmas present!!! The review is on his Rent & Raves column which is also syndicated by Go Comics.  I can only say thanks for giving us some wonderful exposure.

On top on reviewing comics and being a published author in this field (as of now he has 9 books on comics  under his belt), RC writes columns and, additional freelance work, and, and… He's a busy man that's for sure.  But one of the the things I really find inspiring are his drawing he really has a touch that makes those drawings fun. I would love to see him go back to cartooning, and get the name he deserves for his drawings.  Below is a little example of how talented he is.

RC Harvey ink drawing of man and rabbit looking at a book

We met RC Harvey back in 2012 when we (Curio & Co.) put together The Myth of Nostalgia panel for the San Diego Comic-Con. We have to thank Peter Maresca of Sunday Press for the introduction one of our panelist could't make it and he brought in RC Heavy.

Since then it has been a pleasure seeing RC every year in San Diego Comic-Con.  It seems that time flies at that show, there's never enough time to catch-up with old friends and the new.  The good things is that there's always a next year, and that you always pick-up the conversation where you left off the year before.

Peter Maresca makes some wonderful books, if you like sunday comic you really should check out some of his publications they are full original size news paper comics fully restored and beautifully printed.  They are worth every penny. He was the first to publish the entire restored collection of Winsor MCKay's Little Nemo and for my taste the best one out there.