Friday, February 17, 2012

Curio & Co.'s Books In Diamond's Previews

Curio and Co. Curio & Co. - Design by Cesare Asaro Kirstie Shepherd - Diamod Comics's Previews July 2011 - Finding Frank and His Friend
Curio and Co. Curio & Co. - Design by Cesare Asaro Kirstie Shepherd- Diamod Comics's Previews October 2011 - Gadabout TM1050 time machine user's manual

Here is a little something that put a smile on our faces when we got it in the mail box. We knew we were listed in Diamond's Previews but now we actually have proof!

This smile I'm talking about has a couple of people to thank, so let me start with...

Here is a how we got connected to Diamond. Last year we attended the WonderCon in San Francisco and on the fist day of the show Jackie Estrada, who's in charge of the Eisner Awards for ComiCon International, stop by and told Kirstie (my partner) that our first book Finding Frank and his Friend was selected for the Eisner 2011 - Best Graphic Album New. What a ways to start the show! But it wasn't official, so we had to keep our mouth shut. It was really painful. I did do let out a loud WOOOOHU in the middle of the exhibit floor, heads turned and I might have looked like a freak after I broke into a happy dance. But, I had to celebrate some how.

The show came to an end and the day after completely exhausted from the show, we come back from a leisurely and relaxing breakfast with some friends with whom we were staying, and our phone we found a message from Bill Schanes, VP of Purchasing for Diamond Comics Distributors, Inc. Saying that he heard about our book from Jackie Estrada and Brian Hibbs of Comix Experience and he would like to see a copy for review so that they could possibly include it in the catalog.

Well the rest is history Diamond now carries all of the previously published books (Finding Frank and His Friend, and the Gadabout) and decide to carry our upcoming release Time for Frank and His Friend.

For this Curio & Co. has to thank: Jackie Estrada and Brian Hibbs for liking our first book and to Bill Schanes to have given our first product a chance.

Thanks you guys!