Friday, February 24, 2012

Arctic Paper - Pamo Super, the paper for Time for Frank and His Friend

CPI Ebner & Spiegel - Curio and Co. Curio & Co. - printer of Time for Frank and His Friend-  Paper Storage - two days worth of production Photo by Cesare Asaro

CPI Ebner & Spiegel Paper storage - two days worth of production

What led me to CPI Ebner & Spiegel for the production of Curio & Co. new book Time for Frank and His Friend was the paper options they offered. I was looking to produce the book on a specific stock of paper, Pamo Super, produced by Arctic Paper.

I really like Arctic Paper and my dealings with them have also been really positive. They are professional with what they do and, as I was looking to print on Pamo, one of their paper lines. It was their sales rep who put me in contact with CPI Ebner & Spiege . One of our corporate goals is to be environmentally friendly and Arctic Paper produces environmentally friendly paper, which has a really nice feel to the touch and an appealing color and structure. The previous books were also done on Arctic Paper, but with their acid-free Munken Pure line, allowing the books to be archival quality. The paper is more expensive but worth the money. I constantly get positive remarks on the paper stock of the book. As an aside, just for the cost of the shipping they will even make a dummy book for you, or send you paper samples. Check out their dummy shop. Those of you who make books know how important it is to have a book in your hands, to properly judge for the weight and feel. Technically making a book is product design, and having studied product design for a couple of years at the university, it left a impression on how I think and work. I really need to feel and see the material; it's part of the experience.

When I took a look at the CPI Ebner & Spiegel facility they also showed me their temporary stock room. Temporary, what do I mean by that? With their production volume they go through all of what you see in 2 days worth of printing, their presses run 24hrs/day with Sunday for repair and maintenance. I call that impressive! But what does this mean for you? This means that you have access to paper stock that you'd ordinarily have to order 10 tons of, or you would be out of luck! Sure you can order 10 tons of paper, but where are you going to store it? One of the paper rolls you see in the picture is about 1.2 tons. I say YAY temporary storage! Plus, this also means that there are people out there who like books as much as I do.