Friday, June 01, 2012

Stephen Burt Reviews The Gadabout TM 1050 in The Believer Magazine

Stephen Burt Reviews Curio & Co's Gadabout TM 1050 on The Believer Magazine - Cesare Asaro and Kirstie Shepherd

The June 2012 issue of The Believer is out, and along with it the review by Stephen Burt of Curio & Co.'s Gadabout TM 1050 Time Machine User's Manual.  We were only able to get a glimpse of the review as our copy of the magazine if on it's way, but what we read sounds SWEET!  

If a literary critic, poet and Harvard University professor like Stephen Burt thinks we deserve a review in The Believer, we must be doing something right.

The review teaser that is available on the website is enough to ensure me a happy weekend.

Pick up your copy at newsstands today!