Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Spaceman Jax Model Sheets - Mantagons - Giclée Prints

Curio and Co. Curio & Co. www.curioanco.com  - Spaceman Jax - Mantagons model sheets - Giclèe Prints - Luca Fattore & Cesare Asaro

We got ourself a profesional printer for Giclèe prints and we are in the process of printing the new Spaceman Jax model sheets for the Mantagons; the ones I did about a month ago. That really feels like ions ago, considering all the Roger believe covers I did.  Bottom line they are coming out really really cool, ok I had a glass of wine.  But, the hours work really paid off.  The pleasure in seeing one's work coming out the way it was intended... Ahhh it's a pleasure.  And worth all the hassels with icc profiles, media types, printers, types of papers (archival quality or not), inks (dyes vs pigments), ....  Total = we are printing on archival quality with pigment and they are coming out looking SWEET.  I'm simply happy! and best of all we'll be able to offer the giclèe prints for a more affordable price since we don't have to involve a third party with the printing process!

I'm going to seep like a baby tonight.