Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Curio & Co. - Plasticash Credit Card - Where Credit Is Due

Curio & Co. - Plasticash - Credi Card Company - Cesare Asaro

In the Curio World things are sometime just a bit different and in some case the same, gravity still works.

We've been working hard to introduce more and more brands in our Curio World, brands that we are weaving together to create this fictional alternative universe full of crazy pop culture and make believe.  Ringer was the fake publishing house for Time for Frank and His Friend, Bunchy is the soft drink, and Oberpfaffendorfer makes frozen foods; they all help tell our story and let us have fun with the ads.  Now we are also adding on Plasticash for credi cards.

So starting our next show we'll also accept this Curio World credi card, if you can get your hands on it...

The above mentioned ads will be added to the shop by July, but we'll have prints with us at the shows.

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