Saturday, March 10, 2012

Time for Frank and His Friend - The Books Have Landed

Time for Frank and His Friend boxes arrived - Curio and Co. Curio & Co. - Cesare Asaro and Kirstie Shepherd

The new books Time for Frank and His Friend made it to our destination, no questions asked. They all look good and they are so much lighter then their predecessor Finding Frank and His Friend. I have to say it was an excellent choice to go with the paper that I chose. Not only was the paper the perfect match for the paperback that we were aiming for, but it's also lighter to carry the boxes from show to show, the customer has less weight to carry around at the conventions, and we can ship with much cheaper shipment costs.
Now we need to prepare the books for Wonder-Con, stamping the book's inside cover and adding the certificate, which are all embossed and ready to go.