Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Silkscreening the Gadabout covers

Sickscreening the Gadabout TM1050 time machine user's manual - Curio and Co. Curio & Co. www.curioandco.com - Design by Cesare Asaro

The Curio & Co. production of the Gadabout time machine user's manual was no easy task. I always supervise each of the production steps for our products; I would be a fool not to. For this production, not only were there 5 different contractors that took part in the production (and each one gave me hell!), but there was the unusual binding, the unusual paper for the cover, and the unusual weather!

What does the weather have to do with things? Well, I was just reminded about this as I was going through some photos on my hard drive. It was the week we skilkscreened the cover; it was HOT! So hot in fact that the company that was doing the job couldn't get the paint thick enough to get a good solid matte white. It was translucent, so after wasting 2 hours, valuable special order paper (causing a reduced number of books produced), I came back to my hot studio. The good thing was: I was there and I was able to halt production till the weather cooled down, and get a good print.

This was one of the incidents that took place during the production. For any of you planing to do a production run of anything: do your research, know the company you'll be doing business with, make sure they respect you (you are the client), and always have a plan B, and if you can have a plan C as well. Murphy's Law is always around, looking to strike.

Having said all that... In the end we got a good looking book, that I'm proud of.