Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pushing That Gesture

A Reflection on Design

We know that before we put a pencil on a piece of paper we need to have an idea, even just a hint of an idea will do, but next is the gesture. Not just any gesture will do, but a one that has something to say. We need to push the gesture, fight that vertical, and at the same time keep it simple; just an ‘s’ shape and nothing more . We want to keep things moving, dynamic where needed, but definitely: always interesting.

These drawing really get the point across. The character is practically a volumetric line. It’s primary gesture is an ‘s’ shape, but what power. The gesture is pushed, yet not to the point of becoming awkward instead “we buy it”, it makes sense. Wasn’t Richard William that said something about mastering the basics would give exceptional results? So, if the gesture is the essence of a drawing then we really need to be concern to get it right.

So lets get that idea, draw the gesture on paper, then add those volumes. After that, lets do it again and again until we get the right.

One of my life drawing teachers once told me fill those trashcans with drawings, a genius is a genius because he made more mistakes then you.

Our viewers are our gods, and masters. After all we are here to please them. So, let’s push that gesture.