Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Positive and Negative Shapes

A Little Something on Design

As I mentioned I’ve been experimenting with things, trying new ways of working, for me that is. I’m definitely not reinventing the wheel. Never the less, I am finding things out for myself, and I’m having fun while doing it.

This is my first attempt to inking an image and it really gets ideas flowing. The moment the line becomes a shape things start making sense. Sure you might have read about it in Graham’s book “Composing Pictures” but it isn’t the same until you do it. As always we need to see thing in practice, we need to get our hands dirty for the concept start gelling, and that is when things start happening.

If anyone out there has a hard time dealing with positive and negative shape I invite him or her to pickup some ink and tackle this beast with it. I assure you that the next time you are to do a layout you’ll be a lot more conscious about the shapes you are putting down and how you are going to work with them later.

P.S. Graham’s book “Composing Pictures” is excellent, he breaks down the mechanics of design and analyzes each element. Last time I got my copy it was out of print, but I think heard it was reprinted.