Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Developing Curio & Co.'s Roger Believe

Curio & Co.'s next story project is going to be a comic book - Roger Believe is scheduled to have a sneak peak to the world at the San Diego Comic Con 2016.

I remember when we first came-up with the idea of the project - December 2011 on the way to a friend's wadding, on the train platform of Wien Meidling while waiting for the the train to arrive. It was cold gloomy and we properly bundle-up with a coffee and a croissant in hand.  We've been wanting to take on this project since then, but the time wasn't right – until now.

Here's a little sketch of the character as a small teaser just to wet your appetite, stay tuned for more news and updates… after all Comic Con is around the corner (at least it fills like it to us!).

Concept Sketch for Curio & Co.'s Roger Believe upcoming comic book - Drawing by Cesare Asaro  - (Curio and Co. OG -