Saturday, September 12, 2015

Curio & Co. Let's Play - Art Show at Atelier Olschinsky Art Store

The Curio & Co. – Let's Play art show is shaping up really well!

By the way the opening is this coming Tuesday, if you are in the neighborhood stop by for a drink, and a peak.

Sep 15 at 7:00pm

Atelier Olschinsky Art Store
Esterhazygasse 11, 1060 Vienna, Austria 

The show is divided in two rooms: one will feature a small retrospective of our work that we've developed since 2010 with our debut of our Eisner Nominated Finding Frank and His Friend, and the second showcasing the our latest Tarot of Musterberg deck.

Both Kirstie and I are really happy to see how the Tarot of Musterberg cards look at 1 meter in size. Yup! That big and let me tell you I was surprised how well they look that size.  If you are a designer you know how important it is designing for the appropriate size and given that I designed the cards for an 11cm x 6cm size… it was a true relief to see that the designs hold up so well at ten times the size. 

Cesare Asaro signing one of the Oberffafendorfer prints for the Curio & Co. - Let's Play art at Atelier Olschinsky Art Store (Curio and Co. OG - )
 Oh yes, yesterday we stopped by the gallery to sign and stamp all of the prints.

And, by the way some of the prints featured in the show are design pieces that were never part of our retail able products (on our site) but only used for a world building, i.e. one of the Cudworth-Hooper interoffice memos for the manufacturing of the Gadabout time machine will be on display…

See you all there!