Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Curio & Co Story Workshop at Talentakademie OÖ - December 2014

Here's a bit of news:

Curio & Co. Workshop for Talentakademie OÖ at Altmünster Castle Traunsee, Gmunden - for 2012, 2013, 2014 - Curio and Co. OG www.curioandco.com - Cesare Asaro, Kirstie Shepherd teaching location

Curio & Co. has been teaching workshops at the Talentakademie OÖ for the past 2 years now, and we just scheduled an other one for this December bring us in the 3rd year of collaboration.  The past two workshops were on developing products from scratch and rebooting an existing brand; things that we do at Curio & Co. on a regular basis.  These workshops are usually 5 days long and hands on for the students.  We've been really happy teaching at the Talentakademie OÖ both Jörg Kurzwernhart, who heads the program, and Heidi Petermichl who's our liaison have been great to work with.  The students are from a small talent student pool, and the group is idea at 12 students.  I have to say that we go full force, through at them college level material, all in english, and they eat it up! which makes it really exiting for us.  It helps us and the students that the workshop is limited to a small number of participants; both the students and us have been really happy with the outcome and we even had students return for the following workshop.  Because of the positive feedback, even before the last workshop was over, we were already talking about what we were going to teach in 2014.

Well, this December we'll be teaching an other 4 day workshop in Gmunden, more specifically at Traunsee castle, in Altmünster. That's the usual location, and yes it looks like Hogsworth, (the location is also a boarding school).  It's definitely exciting teaching at such a majestic place with a wonderful view of the lake.  I'm digressing though; the focus this upcoming workshop will be on storytelling and creating a pitch for the entertainment industry.  Kirstie Shepherd and I will do a series of lectures and the students will break-up in 3-4 groups of 3 and will develop a story, an elevator pitch, and a working pitch package.  It's definitely a challenge but, I tell you, it's impressive what these kids can do!

See you at Hogsworth in December!