Thursday, March 06, 2014

Ringer Comics Joins the Curioverse

Ringer Comics is our (Curio & Co.) fake publishing hose for the Spaceman Jax comic that we are developing and we'll be presenting at SDCC 2014.  It's part of the same corporate family of Ringer Publishing and a sister company to Ringer Publishing Paperbacks which "published", in the Curioverse, our Frank and His Friend Special Collector's Edition Vol.1 (2013, 2013 Curioverse), and Time for Frank and His Friend (2012, 1979 Curioverse), the only difference is that it's an early division or Ringer, hence I had to reverse engineer the logo, and we had to expand the Ringer back story (that is always loads of fun).

As always we keep on making fake products and every fake needs the partnering graphics to make things look seamless.  So, I designed the necessary 1960's Ringer Comics logo for this project.  Fortunately I didn't have to start from scratch.  Developing a brand is time intensive and developing a fake brand is just as tedious, we approach it just like we when we design for a client.  We think of the adjectives, the emotions, the corporate goals the history, the size of the company, ext… but we have to build the back story along with it, it's corporate history and why they would produce the product in questions.  Loads of work, but loads of fun.

As as designer, I find looking for the right font time consuming and in most cases a compromise, so I tend to prefer making my own fonts when designing a logo, plus it's more fun and the image is unique in every way.  So, here is the progression.

The initial sketch I started with.
Ringer Publishing - Ringer Comics logo concept sketch 1960's style - Curio & Co. - Design by Cesare Asaro

 This is the vectorized font for the Ringer Comics logo.
Ringer Publishing - Ringer Comics font / logo design 1960's - Curio & Co. - Design by Cesare Asaro

And here is the final logo.
Ringer Publishing - Ringer Comics Logo Design 1960's - Curio & Co. - Design by Cesare Asaro

These are the prior logos I did of Ringer Publishing, my starting point for the design 
Ringer Publishing Paperbacks - Logo Design 1970 & 2013 - Curio & Co. - Design by Cesare Asaro

I figured I'd include two Ringer Publishing Paperbacks covers I illustrated in this post, to show how we are looking at graphical integration with the subject matter, and style.  Plus, I never got around to posting them, so here they are.

Ringer Publishing Paperbacks - I The Star cover - Curio & Co. - Illustration and Design by Cesare Asaro

Ringer Publishing Paperbacks - Cavernous Night cover - Curio & Co. - Illustration and Design by Cesare Asaro