Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Marvel - DC - Dark Horse - Comic Book Covers

Star Wars - Cover - Dark Horse Comics - Boba Fett New Beginning - Cesare Asaro

Much of the work that I do for Curio & Co. is tied to a specific time period with restrictions to type of medium and look.  Once in a while I like to let my self go and see what comes out, that means anything goes as far as techniques.

Here are some covers for some of the big american comic book house.  These were not commissioned and they are not in print. They're only visual sampels of covers that could be.

Superman Special - Cover - DC Comics - Cesare Asaro

The Incredible Hulk - Cover - Marvel Comics - Cesare Asaro

Cat Woman - Cover - DC Comics - varient 1 - Cesare Asaro

Cat Woman - cover - DC Comics - varient 2 - Cesare Asaro

Fantastic Four - Cover - Marvel Comics - Cesare Asaro