Monday, July 08, 2013

Curio & Co. at Comic Con booth #2102

Curio and Co Curio & Co. at Comic-Con 2013 - Booth 2102 - Cesare Asaro, Kirstie Shepherd

When we first decided to start exhibiting at Comi-Con back in 2009 I had no idea there was so much demand for an exhibit space at the show.  Back then I was told that the average wait for an available space is 3 yrs.  I was astonished and speechless even now that we've exhibited at plenty of trade shows the wait is considerable.  Other trade shows usually pester you trying to sell you the space 8-9 months prior to the show.

Comic-Con is something different. We've had nothing but good experiences with them, they are professional, easy to work with, and the most well organized show we've exhibited at.  Putting together a show of that size is a massive undertaking, an organizational nightmare.  I hear story of people constantly complaining about insignificant issues; people complain all the time about the smallest things and loose sight of their goals.  They should try exhibiting in Italy or France, beside the costs the organization has no comparison.

When I think that we first launched Curio & Co. at Comic-Con 2010 in the Small Press section: we've come a long way from premiering Finding Frank and His Friend, and trying to explain that our goal was to make fakes based on entertainment and pop culture that never existed.  Really hard to do when you only have one product to show.  Now that we have a sizable portfolio of material is soooo much simpler.  And, every image, every product, every step bring us closer to our vision of the Curio World including our latest step of landing a booth.

Comic-Con booth #2102

See you there!