Monday, May 02, 2016

SDCC Blog Covers AZR-0 Robots and Curio & Co.

The good news just keep on coming! (SDCC Unofficial Blog) just released an interview with Curio & Co. (), a full entry just for us!  

The article covers out work and the AZR-0: Robots in the Wild Kickstarter campaign that we are presently running to cover the production cost of the book.  

We are completely Stocked!!!

A HUGE thanks goes out to Kerry Dixon and Lisa McDowell for making this happen.

Curio & Co. Discuss Fictional Universes, Small Press at San Diego Comic-Con and Adorable AZR-0 robots Kickstarter Campaign - by Cesare Asaro & Kirstie Shepherd - (Curio and Co. OG -