Monday, October 19, 2015

Curio & Co. Prints Avaialbe Online At Atelier Olschinsky Art Store

Happy Monday!

Some of our Curio & Co. prints are now available at Atelier Olschinsky Art Store

Our month long Curio & Co - Let's Play art show at the Olschinsky Gallery came down this weekend (some good things come to an end). We stopped by the gallery on Saturday to see the show one last time, take a few pictures, and set some dinner plans.  
But our collaboration with the Atelier Olschinsky is moving on, for starters the gallery will continue to display some of our pieces even during the upcoming DAVOR GROMILOVIC art show which is opening tomorrow evening (stop by, we'll be there). 
Also, if you happen to stop by the gallery in Vienna you will also get the chance to see and purchase our 5 art publicationFinding Frank and His Friend, Time for Frank and His Friend, Frank and His Friend Special Collectors Edition Vol.1, The Gadabout TM 1050 Time Machine User's Manual, and Spaceman Jax Through the Mantagon Mine Fields. And to keep things in line with our Let's Play show they will also be caring  our art issue of the Tarot of Musterberg deck.

And as I fist mentioned as of today we are now part of their artists featured on their online store.  

This is a Happy Monday!