Thursday, August 20, 2015

Curio & Co. Tarot of Musterberg - The Deck at a Glance

It took a lot of time to finish this new Curio & Co product, but the entire deck it is done and it was unveiled at Comic-Con this summer.  Now we are getting things ready for the official release on September 15 which will coincide with the inauguration of the Curio & Co. - Let's Play art show at the Olschinsky Art Store. We are prepping the images for the large prints…

If you are curious to see what four months of work at a glance look like… all of the 79 tarot cards are here

and here you can preorder the deck.

Curio & Co.Tarot of Musterberg - The 79-Card Deck for Gameplay and Cartomancy - design and illustration by Cesare Asaro - Written by Kirstie Shepherd ( Curio and Co. OG -