Monday, July 07, 2014

Spaceman Jax Sneak Peak at San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Spaceman Jax - Curio & Co (Curio and Co. OG - debut Spaceman Jax - Through the Mantagon Minefield 1960 silver age comic book at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (SDCC) - Humor - Retro - Co-developed by Cesare Asaro & Kirstie Shepherd - Design and illustration by Cesare Asaro
Curio & Co. be having a sneak peak of the new book Spaceman Jax - Through the Mantatgon Minefield at:

July 23-27
booth #2102

We've been exhibiting at the San Diego Comic-Con now since 2010(where we premiered Finding Frank and His Friend). This year is marking the 5th year, and our 5th publication completely developed and produced by us.  We adore this show, the crowd and friends there really understand the crazy projects that we undertake.  Every time we wrap up the show our batteries are charged for the year and I'm ready to stare at computer monitor for the next production.

Stop by our booth to say hello and thumb through the new book and tell us which easter eggs you catch in the new book.

Looking forward to seeing you in San Diego.