Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First Look at Curio & Co.'s Next Project - Roger Believe

Curio and Co. Curio & Co. -  upcoming comic book project Roger Believe (cover) - by Cesare Asaro

I've been telling everyone that I've been working on something that is in the style of an italian comic book (Bonelli Editore); well, this is a test that I did for a sample cover.  I've had to rework the logo, it just wasn't right for the character, the storie, and theme, so the last couple of days produced this verision. I also wanted to see if I could age the image the right amount to make it look to fit the time period (1980's).

As always with every thing that we do at Curio & Co. It's all make believe (no pun intended). So, to give it an extra touch of authenticity I dedicated this issue.

Roger Believe is the next big project that we're working on, in between there are other smaller projects.  Maybe l put a little bit too much on my plate but I can't say say no to fun projects.