Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Dogs

This is a series of 10 illustrations for an online magazine, C-Heads, as soon as they are published I’ll post the link. They feature photographers and illustrators. I’ve seen some nice photography work on their previous issues.

I have to honesty say that this project has been a stepping stone for me. I used knowledge that I gathered in the last year, and I can see myself growing. So here are the Dogs…

A stepping stone: one of the most powerful tools that I find myself playing with is shape variety and thank god for The Illusion of Life. I have that page stuck in mind. It saved me on an incredible number of occasions, why am I saying this now? I can almost say that I’m starting to digest the idea; I feel like I’m starting to make those decisions subconsciously, and that is pure pleasure. Even more when you hear yourself saying out loud “I’m finally starting to design.”

Feed-back is more then welcome. As a matter of fact one of the basic reason for which I decided to start a blog, so be honest and let it rip.